Norlha, another kind of luxury.

The Meaning of «Norlha»

In Tibetan, the word Norlha translates to the «Wealth of the Gods.» Tibetan nomads appropriately call their yak «Nor» as they are the source of all their wealth and provide for all their needs year round.

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A Rare Fiber.

Our products are deeply connected to the natural habitat & cultural history of the Tibetan region. Our primary fiber, yak khullu, the dense downy under-coat of yak wool, is durable yet lusciously soft. 

We purchase the khullu from local nomads whose herding traditions on the high plateau date back hundreds of years. 

A Respected Artisan.

At Norlha we know that a special product is not possible without skilled artisans who are highly respected and well-rewarded for their work.

The employees of Norlha earn a reliable and comfortable income which has allowed them to invest in their future, in new homes, in education, and in their health.

A Timeless Product.

From the animal in the pasture, to the gifted hands of our artisans, every piece is a result of the rich heritage of the Tibetan Plateau. 

In a world where fast fashion dominates, we offer a product that will last a lifetime, to be shared with generations to come.

Kim Yeshi, President & Co-Founder and her daughter Dechen Yeshi

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