AMKIRI: the world’s first visual fragrance

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With you in mind, our scientists, engineers, chemistry and design experts,
have developed a technology comprised of scented long-lasting fragrance ‘ink’ which is applied
to the skin via specifically developed applicators, allowing the user to create body art
infused with fragrance.


Amkiri began with a vision. A vision which never existed before, but is truly intuitive.

To create the ultimate multi-sensory product that allows consumers to truly express their individuality, we tasked our team of scientists, chemists and engineers to create applicators and formula which:


has long lasting fragrance, well above the average
is visual, yet can adapt to any form of skin
is perspiration, weather and water resistant
is allergy free, safe and of the highest international cosmetic standard
is able to work with any fragrance and shade of color
is super easy to apply and encourages complete freedom of creativity

Our story:

The concept of ‘visual fragrance’ began when Shoval, fresh out of a top design college and with a strong affinity for style and perfumes, came up with an idea of trying to visualize (the traditional and transparent) fragrance on her own body, in a colorful way.

Shoval Shavit

Taking this from idea to execution – Shoval turned to her chemistry expert mother, Aliza, and with the backing of serial innovation entrepreneur David Chissick, the 3 founded Amkiri in 2014. With a team of savvy business, design, engineering and chemistry experts, Amkiri began creating the product – scientifically formulating fragrance into a color form, and inventing proprietary beauty tools and applicators.

Fast-forward 3 years, and Amkiri has now brought fragrance into the 21st century, carving out a brand-new, patented product category for the beauty and cosmetics industry which enables consumers the complete freedom of multi-sensory self-expression.

Ph credit: Amkiri

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