LIFESTYLE: CLOS 19, a successful woman behind the art of hosting.

When we enter the CLOS 19 site you can read:

The moment has arrived to immerse yourself in a place where good taste reigns supreme. Let us be your guide as you master the art of being the perfect host as well as the ideal guest.

Clos19 is your passport to champagnes, wines and spirits from the world’s legendary estates, where the greatest experts are behind every single bottle. Each bottle is the result of a dream, a vision or a secret shared by these passionate professionals. Clos19 offers these exceptional labels, from the producers directly to you, truly a priceless proposition.

As the modern expression of LVMH’s exceptional estates around the world, Clos19 will take you on a journey to discover wines, spirits and champagnes deeply rooted in history. The clos, a walled vineyard in which the most highly prized vines have been grown since the Middle Ages, is the inspiration behind the Clos19 brand name, created in 2017. There is no better place to begin exploring than this time-honored birthplace of good taste. Clos19, a digital platform that offers a range of luxe entertaining options, centered around Dom Pérignon, Moët & ­Chandon, and Krug, all part of LVMH’s stable of champagne and fine spirits brands.

¨It’s not easy being an Arnault¨  says Stéphanie Watine Arnault  to an interview for W Magazine. The 34-year-old niece of the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy chairman and CEOBernard Arnault, has had any trouble entering the family fray.

The art of hosting in FORBES

ph credit: Hans Neumann for W Magazine

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