¨The Empress of Beauty»: Helena Rubinstein exhibition (Paris)

Woman, worker, revolutionary and independent, those are the words i like to use when i talk about Helena Rubinstein.

Born in Poland in 1872, emigrated to Australia in 1902, without money and without knowing a word of English. Shortly after she had settled in the country, her elegant clothes and pale complexion did not go unnoticed among the ladies of the city and she soon found enthusiastic shoppers for the bottles of beauty cream she carried in her luggage.

She discovered a potential market that quickly developed with success and empowerment, and revolutionized the world of cosmetics through the first beauty institute that opened in 1902.

Helena Rubinstein was the first one to classify products by skin type in 1910, invented the first Hormone Heat Mask in 1934, and created the essential waterproof mascara in 1939, as well as many other now indispensable beauty products.

From Australia, to London and finally conquering the United States, Helena is today honored for her work and feminine power in the business industry.

More than three hundred documents, objects, clothing, photos, engravings, works, paintings, sculptures, tapestries – including works by Marc Chagall, Michel Kikoin, Sarah Lipska, Louis Marcoussis, Elie Nadelman or Maurice Utrillo, from his famous collection personal – retrace the journey that Jean Cocteau called «the empress of beauty». All presented at the Musée d’art et d’histoire du Judaisme. 

Helena Rubinstein in her lab in Saint-Cloud in 1930

Red, Hot and Cool, ad for the Jazz lipstick with DaveBrubeck and Suzy Parker
Candido Portinari, Portrait d’Helena Rubinstein, Huile sur toile de 1939

«Helena Rubeinstein, l’aventure de la beauté»

March 20 to August 25

Musée d’art et d’histoire du Judaisme , 71, rue du Temple 75003 Paris

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